AS JAPS products

The main activities at AS JAPS include catching, filleting and processing. Our production line comprises pike-perch, pike, perch (wild catch), eel (farmed in Estonia), Baltic herring, and other fish. 


Pikeperch / Sander lucioperca

  • Pikeperch WHOLE
  • Pikeperch GUTTED
  • Pikeperch FILLETS skind and skin off

Perch / Perca fluviatilis

  • Perch WHOLE
  • Perch FILLETS skind and skin off

Pike / Esox lucius

  • Pike WHOLE
  • Pike GUTTED
  • Pike FILLETS skind and skin off

Baltic Herrign / Clupea harengus membras

  • Baltic Herrign WHOLE
  • Baltic Herrign GUTTED
  • Baltic Herrign FILLETS

Smelt / Osmerus eperlanus

Eel / Anguilla anguilla
Hot smoked eel fillets

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